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How to be a Certified Health Service Assistant

Health Service Assistance
Health Services Assistance
An interesting entry-level career option in healthcare is that of a Health Services Assistant. In Australia, Health Services Assistance is a profession that is very much in demand, and can be the springing point of a very rewarding career in healthcare. There are healthcare certification courses that can be undertaken for this career option.

The Certificate III in Health Services Assistance HLT32512 course is an accredited qualification that will get you started on entry-level work as an Assistant in Nursing or Nursing Support Worker. There are no pre-requisites of study or experience required before you sign up for this course. The courseware is a blend of practical and theoretical knowledge and skills. To gain valuable hands-on work experience, you will also be required to work in an institution to fulfill the mandatory requirements of the course.

The role of a Health Services Assistant is a pivotal one, where you will provide support to healthcare providers such as doctors and nurses. Throughout the day, you will be required to provide direct support to patients according to their care plan, under appropriate supervision. There are a wide variety of duties that you may be required to perform in this capacity ensuring that the health service functions smoothly.

Health Service Assistance
Health Services Assistant
Having successfully completed all the units of the course, you could find work in hospitals, aged care facilities, clinics and home and community care services. You will be allotted work in the administration support, food service department, maintenance, or as a stores assistant or orderly.

The Certificate III course offers electives in specialised work functions such as operating theatre support or nursing work in acute care. If you are interested in these areas, you can choose to take up these elective units. The course is designed to give you a broad range of skills required for working in remote or regional areas. You will learn how to deal effectively with culturally diverse patients or co-workers. You will have the necessary competence and skills to work successfully as a member of teams within a hospital environment.

Having completed this basic course of the Certificate III in Health Services Assistance, you may like to progress to a higher level of qualification within the health sector, such as the Diploma of Nursing (Enrolled Division 2 Nursing).

While undertaking the necessary healthcare assistant training required for this career, ensure that you make the right choice. Pick an institute that has the necessary infrastructure, and experienced trainers who can guide you well. Good luck in your career!
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