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Nursing School: Choose The Right One For You

Institute of Health and Management
Nursing School in Australia
A career choice in nursing is becoming increasingly popular today… with good reason, too! It is a rewarding profession – with salaries generally starting in the $40,000s for newly graduated nursing students who have a degree in registered nursing. This high demand has also caused a massive shortage in nurses across the globe, and if you do a quick online search for the term "nursing shortage" you will be able to see many links to news items and articles discussing this crisis.

Have you decided to take up a career in nursing? If so, you must make the right choice of a nursing school and nursing program. We bring you some important things to remember when picking your nursing school.

This demand for nurses has encouraged many people to pursue a career in nursing. So let’s look at which nursing school you should go to…and more specifically, how do you find one that's accessible to you?

Institute of Health and Management
Nursing School in Australia - IHM
The best place to look for this information is your State Board of Nursing website, where you can find a list of approved nursing schools in the state. You can usually find them by searching for a link for "resources" which will take you to a page with various links, including a link for "education." Many state boards of nursing have a link on their home page that goes directly to "education".

Please ensure that the nursing school that you pick is approved by your State Board of Nursing. In case the school you attend is not approved, then at the time of your graduation, you may not only find that you haven't learned enough in order to be a competent registered nurse. You may also not be qualified to sit for the NCLEX-RN or NCLEX-LPN – which are the tests that you need to take to get your license as a Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse.

Please also make sure you check whether your nursing school is nationally accredited- otherwise, once you attend, you may not be able to transfer your credits to other colleges or use your Associate's Degree in Nursing to pursue a higher degree, such as a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing.

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